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Most of the students find it difficult to decide which graduation degree or course will be the best one for their future. What to do after 12th and what are the Best Job Oriented Courses After 12th is the only question that is always going around in the mind of a student. Everybody wishes to have a good future and for a good future the planning also has to be good. If a student will not plan his or her future well then nothing much can be accomplished in life even when they start working. Not all the jobs offer job security these days. So, it becomes all the more important for a student to carefully choose their career.

Biggest and the Toughest Decision of Life is to choose Best Job Oriented Courses After 12th

School Over! Now What? What to do? How to do? Where to start from? What are the career options or courses after 12th? What are the best Job Oriented Courses After 12th exist in the market? Your mind must be stuck between all these questions and many more. But this is also the most important decision that a student needs to make as it will help you realize your future dreams. Many students make a choice while giving their 10th boards and accordingly select the stream. For students who take up science as their stream, they wish to be a doctor or a scientist or a Professor. But not all will be able to take science or might not be interested in the Science stream. Students who take up commerce and humanity as their stream they also think of various future options.ExpectationsParents expect their child to be a doctor or an engineer or a doctor or the best of all apply for a government job. It’s difficult to make the parents understand that everybody cannot get a government job since they also have started getting the work outsourced. Everybody cannot be doctors, engineers or teachers. There is life beyond that and many other job options that offer the same life quality and perks and benefits. You need to be very careful while selecting the best courses after 12th commerce or best courses after 12th arts/humanities. Few students will also go for computer courses after 12th but you need to check for its benefits that you will have in the future.


Now let’s begin with the Best Job Oriented Courses after 12th. The list of courses after 12th is long but you could start with:

Digital Marketing: Latest and the most thriving Industry 

Graduation from a regular college and take a B.A. or B.Com degree. 

Then Post Graduation and take a M.A. or M.Com degree.

Then MBA or some other professional course

Apply for JBT or B.Ed. if you want to be a teacher

Take up a Diploma Course Hotel Management

Computer Course

Travel and Tourism
Fashion Designing

There are many job oriented courses after 12th that can be done after completing 12th. The options are many but choosing the right one depends upon you. These days many find studying in a regular college wastage of 3 years. So, they opt for some Professional course which is short term and gives them the option of continuing their graduation through open/correspondence. With short term courses, you can easily start working early and earn and save money. Students who opt for graduation, Post-Graduation or MBA have to wait longer before they start earning in comparison to the students who do short-term job oriented courses after 12th and start working post its completion. When you start working early you have the benefit of getting promoted early and reaching a good designation in your 20’s itself. By the time you get promoted to some good designation, others might have just started the first phase of their career. So, in most of the cases, it’s a win-win situation for people who do a professional course right after their school and complete graduation through correspondence.

Digital Marketing:

Digital Marketing is one of the best Job Oriented Courses After 12th that has gained the pace in the last few years and is progressing at an unmeasured pace. Now more and more students are getting themselves enrolled for learning Digital Marketing. Marketing the products over different digital platforms is termed as Digital Marketing. Doing a digital marketing course isn’t time consuming. You have many options in the courses to choose from. Almost all the institutes offer different courses and also give the option of customized courses to the students. This makes it easier for students to select a course as per their requirement. The Digital Marketing courses range from 3 months to a year. With such courses it is easier to complete your graduation alongside. The other positive point of learning Digital Marketing is that there is no specific educational background requirement to learn it. So whichever stream you took in your school that does not stops you from learning Digital Marketing.

Why Digital Marketing Is Best Job Oriented Courses After 12th:

Use of smart phones has seen a major increase in last few years and so has the use of the internet with low cost data packs. Starting from a school kid to a senior citizen all love to be on social networking sites for more than 12-15 hours a day. Not having an account on Facebook or not using WhatsApp is considered to be a crime now. People who are not able to operate a smartphone, they are considered to be from some other planet.

India alone has 339.95 million smart phone users and 462 million internet users at present.

With such a huge data and stats imagine the scope of marketing over the digital platforms and imagine the number of people that will be required to do that kind of marketing.

Each and every brand and business owner understands that traditional marketing methods will not work anymore and they are not pocket friendly too. They cannot even measure the results of marketing with the traditional methods. So, almost all the brands, companies and business owners are concentrating on marketing their products over the digital platforms.

Going digital is the need of the hour. Marketing digitally is a mandate for all whether it’s a big business, a medium one or a small one. If a business wants to survive in the market they have to opt the method of marketing digitally.

This is the most trending and promising field at the moment with unlimited benefits and perks.

Branches of Digital Marketing:

Digital Marketing is one of the best job oriented courses after 12th has a number of sub categories that a person can select from. The list is as follows:Website Designing: wherein you will learn to make a website on Word Press (a software) without any technical knowledge or use of any codes.

SEO: Search Engine Optimization that will take you through the different search engines used across the world. You also learn about how you can bring your website on the top of any search engine’s result page.

SMM: Social Media Marketing will teach you about different social platforms being used across the globe and different ways of marketing over those social platforms like Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and many more. You will also learn to analyze the results of marketing as in how much did it cost you and how many leads you got through marketing over the social platforms.

SEM/AdWords: Search Engine Marketing will teach you different methods of marketing over the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. and also ways to analyze the results of your ad. In other words, if at all it was profitable advertising over the search engines or not.

Analytics: will teach you about how you can measure your website results, like how many people visited your website, how long did a person stay on your website, whether a male visited your website or a female, how old is the person who visited the website, belongs to which continent, country, state, city, district etc.

Content Writer: if you have a passion of writing you will learn about how your writing can help you earn loads of money. Other things like what all should be kept in mind when writing for some company or when writing something on your own website. You could be a blogger and if you do not like going to office then you will be taught to take work from specific websites sitting at home itself.

AdSense: here you will learn how you can play ads over the company’s website or your own website and make money through it.

Benefits of Choosing Digital Marketing as a job oriented courses after 12th:

Advertising is not expensive anymore. With everyone opting for digital advertising competition is high and that has brought in the option of bidding which has reduced the cost of advertising to a great extent. In comparison to the traditional marketing the cost of advertising digitally is far less.

With digital advertising the tools for measuring the results also started. One can easily check about how many have gone through their ads and how many contacted seeing the ads and many other things. So, this mode of advertising is measurable too.

When marketing over digital platforms there is no restriction of marketing your product in a limited area, you can market your brand, product and services across the globe.

By using digital marketing business owners have confirmed about their ROI (Returns Over Investment) increasing by up to 70%.

Digital Advertising has generated more than 8 lakh jobs till now and is expected to create 20 lakh jobs by the year 2020.

This is one such job that is recession proof. Why? because there is no such company or a business owner who can operate without a digital marketer. Therefore, you have 100% job guarantee.

Why Digital Marketing is best among all job oriented courses after 12th

This is the only field which has many sub-categories that you can choose to work for. You can be:

An SEO Executive/Specialist/Manager

An SMM Executive/Specialist/Manager

An AdWords Executive/Specialist/Manager

An Analytics Executive/Specialist/Manager

A Content Writer

A Blogger

Digital marketer

Digital Marketer is the one who possesses the knowledge of all the fields and can contribute in all the departments.

Choosing the Right One!

Now another important decision is choosing the right Digital Marketing Training Institute for learning Digital Marketing. There are a lot many institutes in the market that are offering Digital Marketing training in Delhi but not everyone will deliver a quality training with added benefits. The amount that they charge for giving the training is not worth the training that they provide. There are institutes in the market that would promise 100% placement assistance but all will not be able to deliver that promise too. The list of the best Institutes is also long, starting from:

IIADM- Indian Institute of Advanced Digital Marketing

DTI- Digital Technology Institute




Digital Vidya

DSIM- Delhi School of Internet Marketing

DIDM- Delhi Institute of Digital Marketing

Among all the institutes mentioned above IIADM is the best Digital Marketing Training Institute of all as it has a variety of courses to opt from. It has introduced courses that would suit every student’s requirement and budget. This institute is also offering a Paid internship Plan to all its trainees along with 100% placement support. After going through few months of core knowledge students will be taking core practical training as an intern and will be paid to work as an intern.

Their newly introduced list of courses is:

Professional Course: the duration for this course is 3 months only and is best for people who are interested in learning the basics only and are in a hurry to get a job

Comprehensive Course: the duration for this course is 6 months and can be learnt by people who would like to move little ahead of the basic knowledge.

Advanced Course: the duration for this course is set at 9 months which is basically meant for students who have completed their schooling or graduation and are interested in a professional course with an in-depth knowledge about all the modules.

Proficient Course: the duration for this course is 12 months and is meant for students who would like to do a professional course after their school or graduation. It is for students who are interested in getting a detailed knowledge about all the modules and walk out as an expert Digital Marketer.

Other Benefits of Choosing Digital Marketing as a job oriented courses after 12th Apart from that they also offer customized courses to the students who are more interested in learning a specific module and be an expert in that field only. Just like ample of course options there are ample of job options also in the Digital Marketing field.You could also take 2-3 free demo sessions in this institute and also be a part of their live training sessions. You get to work on many live projects that will boost your confidence when you join a company.

Profitable Business Opportunities:If you are interested in starting your own business you will get to learn about the strategies that you should consider before starting a business. You will also learn to advertise your business, make your own website and many other steps that will make you a successful businessman.

If you are already running a business then by learning Digital Marketing you will learn to advertise your business successfully, increase your ROI (Returns Over Investment) and increase your audience and analyze the results.

The technical support is lifetime for all its trainees which means you can call and get the errors rectified whenever stuck anywhere.

So only go for the best and select IIADM– the best Digital Marketing Training Institute in Dwarka/Delhi and secure a paid internship plan and a job for a better future. Forget about Lay Offs and join Digital Marketing Training today.

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