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All Digital Marketing Courses

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Proficient Course

A course that includes the minutest details and the in and out of Digital Marketing with ample of time fixed for the practical learning that will transform you into a Professional Digital Marketer.

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Advanced Course

A course wherein you will be taught a level above the basics with more time dedicated for the practical learning over the live projects which in turn will boost your confidence.

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Comprehensive Course

A course that will take you through the basics of Digital Marketing and how it has evolved over the years. The Course has been designed for the ones who cannot spare much time and want to quickly get the basics cleared and start working.

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Professional Course

A course designed to clear all your doubts about the Digital Marketing and help you enter the Digital World. The course will make you well versed with Digital Marketing ethics and techniques in a short span of time.

Digital Marketing Specialization Courses

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Google Ads or PPC course

Now a short program to master paid advertising With Google. Covers Search, Display, Video, Mobile, Shopping & App Ads.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Learn the art of generating traffic to your website organically from search engines and work on professional SEO tools.

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Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Manage what will people talk about your brand and make a career that pays you for using & managing FB & Twitter.

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Blogging & Adsense Course

Learn How to earn money online with blogging, and all about Adsense policies & how to use it and some tricks to get Approval easily.

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We have only Industry Experts Trainers from

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And much more Reputed Brands who have Best Experience from Industry.

Digital Marketing Course with
Popular Internationally Valid Certifications

Become A
Google & Facebook
Certified Professional

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Digital Marketing Courses Fees

( This fees is grand total Including all taxes & extra charges )


Outcomes Of the Course

If You Want Job!

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Digital Marketing Manager:-

A Digital Marketing Manager plans the strategies and implements them for business growth. The also set the monthly and annual goals. Marketing managers ensure each and every employee contributes in achieving those goals. Their job role also includes tasks like Market research for new updates, competitor’s analysis, controlling budgets and timelines. So, come to IIADM and join the best digital marketing institute.

Posts:- Digital Marketing Manager, Digital Marketing Executive.


Brand Manager:-

A brand manager creates an identity of a business and is responsible for maintaining it. He has to ensure that each marketing material which is being used in the market is generating a positive result for the company. A brand manager is also responsible for creating, implementing and updating the branding guidelines that will be beneficial for the company’s growth. So, join the best digital marketing institute for the best digital marketing course.

Posts:- Brand Manager.


Product Marketing Manager:-

The Product Marketing Manager plans the strategy for marketing of new products being launched or updating of the old products. The strategy involves various factors like the pricing, targeting the audience, positioning of the product, it’s branding and finally it’s marketing. It’s necessary for each and every brand to introduce something new or update its old products if it wants to sustain in the market. for better strategies come to the best digital marketing institute for the the best digital marketing course.  

Posts:- Product Marketing Manager, Product Marketing Executive.


Market Research Analyst:-

A Market Research Analyst is responsible for conducting researches on what people need & expect from a product and how much can they pay for a product. All that data is collected by the surveys, competitive research, strategies and other methods. All that information is then compiled to present it to the management for further progress. come to digital marketing institute for the best digital marketing course and be a superb analyst.

Posts:- Market Research Analyst.


Digital Marketing Specialist:-

A Digital Marketing specialist is responsible for the online marketing strategies that help in the business growth. Online marketing strategies include search engine marketing, social media marketing and email marketing. A Digital Marketing Specialist should possess knowledge of all the areas. so just come to our best digital marketing institute and join the best digital marketing course and be a digital marketing specialist.

Posts:- Digital Marketing Specialist.


Content Marketing Specialist:-

The role of the Content Marketing specialist is to create a content that helps in the promoting and marketing the products and services of the brand. Content includes writing blogs, articles, newsletters, press release, infographics, and many other things. Content Marketing plays a major role in attracting the targeted audience and increasing brand awareness that results in increasing the sales. so, if you have skills of writing then you should do this best digital marketing course from the best digital marketing institute.

Posts:- Content Marketing Specialist, Content Marketing Executive.


SEO Specialist:-

A SEO Specialist is responsible for increasing the organic website traffic both in quantity and quality over different search engines. His job role also includes improving the ranking of the website. They research for the best keywords that can be used for the products and services and then including those in the content of the website for getting the website ranked on top of the search engines. so, do the best digital marketing course from the best digital marketing institute and show your technical skills here.

Posts:- SEO Specialist, SEO Executive.


Social Media Marketer:-

A Social Media Marketer is responsible for developing strategies that can attract more and more customers and retain the existing ones. A SMM manages all the social media accounts of a company. such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google plus. He/she is also responsible for marketing about the company across all the channels through regular posts, infographics, commenting, answering questions, increasing the followers etc. so, you can earn from working on social media! yes it’s true. now join the best digital marketing course from best digital marketing institute.

Posts:- Social Media Marketing (SMM) Specialist, Social Media Marketing (SMM) Executive.


Marketing Automation Specialist:-

A Marketing Automation Specialist is responsible for developing strategies and keeping a track of the software that is being used for marketing of the products and services over various marketing channels. They are also responsible for analyzing the results and making the changes on the basis of the results. so, come to the best digital marketing course from best digital marketing institute and be a marketing automation specialist.

Posts:- Marketing Automation Specialist, Marketing Automation Executive.


Google Analytics Manager:-

An Analytics Manager oversees his team of analytics specialist who track all the stats related to the audience and their behavior. They are also responsible for setting up the goals for the website and tracking the mechanism that will help in achieving all the specified goals. A Google Analytics Manager is there for keeping a track of all the strategies that are being formulated for the business growth and get them implemented. so, grab the best digital marketing course from best digital marketing institute and earn from working on google platform.

Posts:- Google Analytics Manager, Google Analytics Executive.

If You’re A Business Owner!

businessman sdfvaisf - best-digital-marketing-institute-best-digital-marketing-course-advanced-digital-marketing-course

Significant Results:

There is a reason for digital marketing being successful compared to traditional marketing and that is “measurable results that it provides”. Has any Company ever been able to track how many people watched its TV commercial or read its ad on the newspaper or saw the flyer given to them?
Nobody can answer that. But with digital marketing, a company can get to know about how many people clicked on their ads or links or read their emails etc. That is the advantage that only digital marketing provides. With digital Marketing a company saves on the useless money spent on traditional marketing methods. so get the best digital marketing course from best digital marketing institute.


The message passed through traditional marketing is the same for all because that is the only available option in that field. But with digital marketing, you can choose the audience and the message that you want to pass to them. That is the kind of flexibility that digital marketing brought along with it. You are not expected to frame just one message, instead you can frame as many messages as you want. You can also select the set of audience as per the message and let the whole globe know about your brand. get the best digital marketing course from best digital marketing institute.


Expand your Audience:

The world has actually become smaller with digital marketing. Advertising across the globe has become possible with digital marketing only. When compared with traditional marketing you have a bigger geographical area for marketing your product. That not only increases your audience but the sales too. so, get the best digital marketing course from best digital marketing institute. get specialize training in terms like social media and much more.


Save More:

Getting a banner or making a TV commercial has never been possible for small business owners because of the huge expenses involved in it. Traditional marketing methods have proved very expensive. But with digital marketing, all the companies can market their products & services and can promote it anywhere in the world for a lesser amount. so get the best digital marketing course from the best digital marketing institute.


Higher Conversion Rates:

Digital Marketing has majorly increased the conversion rate for the business owners. This is the best medium to reach the audience. You can let people know about your products and services through various channels. That in turn helps in increasing your sales and audience both. 

If You Have A Start-Up Plan!

startup hvckjasc - best-digital-marketing-institute-best-digital-marketing-course-advanced-digital-marketing-course

Make an Identity of your Brand:

An identity of a Brand is made of a logo, a typeface, and a tagline. All these three things help customer distinguish between different brands having the same business. But your aim should be to make your target audience aware of your brand. Not every business owner can use traditional marketing methods like an ad telecasted over television or a hoarding as all of those are an expensive deal. So, what other option are you left with?
Welcome to the world of “Digital Marketing & Promotion”. where you pay less for marketing your brand but earn more profit. And How is that possible? There are various channels through which you can advertise and make people aware of your brand. With more than 500 million registered internet users there’s no better way of advertising.


Increase Awareness Through Social Media:

With 2.27 billion monthly active users on Facebook alone there’s no better medium for reaching your target audience. There are different strategies and methods that you can learn through Digital Marketing to promote your brand & business online. Once the brand has been established through social media then the word of mouth publicity will make your business reach the heights that you had wished for.


Improve Lead Generation:

Generating and increasing the leads is not an easy task. One should be able to write the content, know social media marketing techniques, write compelling emails etc. All those tasks can transform a person into an expert Digital Marketer. When you gain the knowledge of all such activities that is when you will be able to generate quantity and quality of leads.


Manage Brand Reputation:

Before any customer thinks of buying your product or visit the website, he will first check out the reviews of your brand over the search engines. The reviews could be in the form of written reviews or video testimonials. So, you need to be aware of managing all the reviews which in turn manages the reputation of your brand. When you opt for marketing your product on the online platforms you will also learn about managing the brand reputation.


Optimize the Conversion Rate:

Digital Marketing comes with an added benefit of measuring your brand’s performance with the help of analytics tools. By using that tool, you can get a complete detail about human behavior towards your product. Once you have those details you can alter your strategies and maximize your benefits.

If You Want To Earn From Home!

freelancing usrxcj - best-digital-marketing-institute-best-digital-marketing-course-advanced-digital-marketing-course

Choose where to work:

Being a Freelancer, you get the freedom of choosing the place and time for the work. You can work from your home or you can be anywhere. With freelancing, there is no compulsion of being present at the office or being in the cabin and doing the work in the fixed shift hours. You can decide the time that you will be able to dedicate for the work and then work on it. All in all, you are your own boss.


Choose whom to work with:

A freelancing job also gives you the benefit of choosing the person whom you would like to work with. As a Freelancer you can choose your client and the kind of work that you are interested in. You can add your choice of work and get the work. There is no compulsion of working with a particular client since you are your own boss.


Increase your future work prospects:

When you work as a freelancer you have the opportunity to work with different clients and showcase your talent that further increases your future clientele.


Earn More:

Freelancers work on an hourly basis or on a project basis. Since they have a choice of where to work from and whom to work with so they tend to earn more than a full-time Digital Marketer. You can opt for a freelancing work from across the globe and get paid in foreign currencies too. With ample of online platforms available for work, you can select the work as per your liking.


Keep yourself updated:

With the amount of work that a Freelancer does they can always learn new things and keep themselves updated about the latest changes in the industry.

What & Why Digital Marketing?

Let’s Understand It First!


To be done in digital or electronic medium.


Getting customers interested into your product.


Confused?… This

can solve all doubts

What is Digital Marketing?

To start with the basic introduction “Digital Marketing refers to the marketing or promotion of products and services over digital platform through various electronic channels like computer, phone, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.”

Digital Marketing is the only platform wherein a company can analyze and evaluate the data like which market is giving them maximum audience, which market is giving maximum profits, how many people like their brand, how many visit their website and many more analytics.

Digital Marketing is one such field that has never seen any recession phase and will never see that as Going Digital and Growing digital is what the Industry demands now. With the introduction of “Digital India” campaign 4 years back by our Honorable Prime Minister Mr. Narender Modi the digital Platform has already made its mark and its expansion is limitless. More than 20 lakh jobs are expected to be generated by the year 2020 in the Digital Marketing field. So, it’s absolutely a secured field. And IIADM is the best digital marketing institute for the Best Digital Marketing course Anybody who is thinking of becoming a Digital Marketer does not have to worry about the job security in the future as Digital Marketing is here to stay.

There is no restriction of graduating from a particular stream or having done a specific degree course before starting a digital marketing training program without all these things you can grab this best digital marketing course. Whether you are a school pass out or a graduate you can come to best digital marketing institute and join this best Digital marketing course, whenever you feel like. If you are already working but still want to enhance your skills for expanding your scope of knowledge or for an over the top performance you should consider joining this course. Anyone and everyone can get trained in this field. Digital Marketing does not contain just 1 field that you can work in but it has ample of segments and job options that one can choose from. One can either do the entire course of Advanced Digital Marketing Course or could choose from the the Best specialization courses from best digital marketing institute, courses like SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SMM (Social Media Marketing), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Blogging and Adsense etc. that he/she feels they can excel in. So, don’t play with your future come to our best digital marketing institute and get expertise in best digital marketing courses.

Booming industry!!!

Why Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing’s growth is totally dependent on internet users. And the best fact is, internet users are rapidly increasing in India from last 5 years. Small and medium businesses are also going online to increase their sales because Digital Marketing is improving interaction of businesses with customers online. The growth of digital marketing industry attracts many students to make a successful career in this booming industry. In India with a rapid growth of online businesses, it is expected to have a high growth in Digital marketing career in coming years. So, choose the best digital marketing course as soon as possible. and now you can also get the best specialization course like SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Google Analytics, Google Ads or Adwords, Blogging & Adsense etc. So, just don’t compromise with your future and come to best digital marketing institute.

*Digital is Future*

Career & Future Growth In Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a vast field with the variety of career options like SEO, SMO, PPC, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and many more. According to this research, the digital marketing is growing 10 times faster than traditional marketing. Now you can imagine your growth with the Digital Marketing Industry. So, take your career growth seriously and come to best digital marketing institute  and join the best digital marketing course.

You are eligible 😉

Eligibility for Digital Marketing Course

The best part of this course is that it doesn’t require any education qualification, or any age limit to join this course. You can join this course just after your 12th. Even if you are already working and want to enhance your skills for your career growth then Digital Marketing is the best and trending choice for you. If you are businessmen and want to grow your business digitally then do not hassle to start the course at any age. So, now you know that you can grab this opportunity, now don’t wait just come to our the best digital marketing institute and join the best digital marketing course.

Benefits of learning with IIADM

  • Learn from the experts

  • Training on your own live projects in the class

  • Flexible batch timings

  • Backup classes

  • 100% Job oriented courses

  • 100% Job Assistance

  • Certification Guidance by Experts

  • Special Sessions to clear your doubts

Doubts?…Read it

FAQ’s to clear some basic Doubts

Some Most Frequently Asked Questions

best digital marketing course in delhi - best-digital-marketing-institute-best-digital-marketing-course-advanced-digital-marketing-course
Q. Is Digital Marketing right for me?

Ans. If you love being online or if you like learning about the continually changing technology then you should definitely learn Digital Marketing as the scope is very wide in this field. Moreover, if you don’t want to do the same kind of job at your workplace and you are interested in learning something new every day then getting best Digital Marketing course will prove beneficial for you.

best digital marketing course in dwarka delhi - best-digital-marketing-institute-best-digital-marketing-course-advanced-digital-marketing-course
Q. What are the specifications for learning Digital Marketing?

Ans. Being a non-technical course anyone and everyone can do this course. You don’t require any specific degree or education to learn Digital Marketing. The only thing that one requires is basic knowledge of internet and that’s not something which is beyond expectations as even a 2-year-old these days knows how operate a smart phone. so, grab this best digital marketing course as soon as possible.

best digital marketing institute in delhi - best-digital-marketing-institute-best-digital-marketing-course-advanced-digital-marketing-course
Q. Is Digital Marketing a good job?

Ans. What does a person expect, when looking for a job – good package, flexibility, freedom, no pressure, requiring less technical knowledge and a recession free job. Digital Marketing guarantees all the above-mentioned expectations. Digital Marketing is a booming industry and it is recession-proof because it is the most economical option of marketing and in future also it will remain so.

big scope digital marketing training course institute dwarka delhi - best-digital-marketing-institute-best-digital-marketing-course-advanced-digital-marketing-course
Q. How big is the scope in Digital Marketing?

Ans. Being Digital is the need of the day and with promotion of Digital India campaign by our honorable Prime Minister there’s nothing that can stop it now. Above all people want a comfortable life these days even if that means shelling out more money, so all the businesses also have to go digital and market themselves digitally. Therefore, digital marketing is not limited to a specific section of the market but each and every business or company that wants to exist has to opt Digital Marketing.

We modify future 🙂

Why Choose Us?

IIADM – Indian Institute of Advanced Digital Marketing is amongst the leading Institutes imparting an advanced training of the digital marketing. We give the best Digital Marketing Course in Delhi Though IIADM has been in the business only for 2 years but has already trained more than 1000 professionals and numerous freshers. We as trainers don’t believe in teaching our trainees only what’s mentioned in the course module but we ensure that we start from the very basic things. We understand that each and every trainee of ours is coming from a different field and they might not be aware of the basic things so it is imperative to clear their basics before we move on to the expert level. All our modules have been designed keeping in mind the past, present and future of Digital Marketing. Our certified trainers with more than 12 years of professional experience in the field know the in and out of digital marketing. IIADM- Indian institute of Advanced Digital Marketing gives an option to all the trainees to either have a demo class of 2hrs or be a part of live session to check out as to how our trainers impart training. We provide a thorough knowledge of all the modules because we understand how crucial Digital Marketing is in today’s era. Our mission is to provide a quality training along with affordable fee structure so that there is no hindrance in joining this training program. We don’t believe in giving the theoretical knowledge only, we always make our trainees work on real time projects to give them the confidence to lead anywhere. We also provide back up classes in case any student misses any of the training sessions. IIADM – Indian Institute of Advanced Digital Marketing guarantees 100% job assistance post completion of the training program and lifetime technical assistance to guide you whenever and wherever you get stuck.

Get the Best Practical Digital Marketing Training with…


Get flexible timing & schedule your digital marketing classroom learning available on weekdays & weekends batches.


We support you to get all the certification from Google & Facebook that will always help you further in your career.


We always keep our curriculum up-to-date to include the latest new technics & modules in the digital marketing industry.


When it comes to training delivery, we have all the real-time industry experts that will be going to train you in digital marketing.


We provide the placement assistance to our trainees along with good packages & assist job seekers regularly with latest online marketing job updates.


We’ll always be there for you for any kind of conceptual queries, for that you can contact us from our any branch.

How Digital Marketing Course will help you

Are you a Working Professional?

  • Boost Your Salary By Up to 40%
  • Be a Part of Highest Growing industry
  • Earn Part Time or as a Freelancer
  • Add Most Demanded Skills to your CV

Are you a Fresh Graduate?

  • Increase Your Employability
  • Chances to work as a part-timer
  • Create your own online store
  • Get Paid to manage social accounts

Are you a Business Owner?

  • Promote your business globally
  • Get more leads for business
  • Learn how to create an online brand
  • Sell your product on E-Commerce Sites

Digital Marketing Course is Helping People 
to Grow Their Career, Everyday...

digital marketing course for fresher - best-digital-marketing-institute-best-digital-marketing-course-advanced-digital-marketing-course



• Increase your chances of getting jobs
• About 18 lac jobs in digital marketing
• 15 Career options for you to start with
• Get Certification Support in 9 Domains

digital marketing course for entrepreneur - best-digital-marketing-institute-best-digital-marketing-course-advanced-digital-marketing-course



• Learn how to market a business online
• Generate more leads through Internet
• Close more customers with latest tools
• Start selling products on E-Commerce

digital marketing course for professionals - best-digital-marketing-institute-best-digital-marketing-course-advanced-digital-marketing-course



• Add Most Demanded Skills to your CV
• Boost your salary packages up to 30%
• Earn money as a Freelancer
• Be a part of fastest growing Industry

Listen from our trainees

❝                                         ❞

" Learning Digital marketing from IIADM has been one of the best decisions of my life. Thanks to IIADM for making the training sessions interactive. "

 mahima trainee - best-digital-marketing-institute-best-digital-marketing-course-advanced-digital-marketing-course

Mahima Rajput

" All my doubts were cleared then and there and trainers helped me a lot in understanding each and every topic. "


arun trainee - best-digital-marketing-institute-best-digital-marketing-course-advanced-digital-marketing-course

Arun Sangwan

" I could not attend few of my classes but IIADM trainers provided back up classes to me so that I am not left behind the others. "


sahil trainee - best-digital-marketing-institute-best-digital-marketing-course-advanced-digital-marketing-course

Sahil Saifi

" This course is getting beneficial to me. It's the perfect solution for my business. "


paras trainee - best-digital-marketing-institute-best-digital-marketing-course-advanced-digital-marketing-course


" Thanks to IIADM’s Digital Marketing training for helping me find a new and less stressful career option. "


aniket trainee - best-digital-marketing-institute-best-digital-marketing-course-advanced-digital-marketing-course


Our Ex-trainees work at

We not only place the trainees... first we try to recognize their future with all the different types of modules and then they decide their fields & Company themselves.

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