What is Infographics?

Infographics for SEO: To begin with the definition, Infographics means usage of the content or text along with images and that is done to explain a complex subject with ease. At times a person might not be able to relate to the theory but can easily understand the thing when shown practically or through pictures this is the main reason to use. Infographic Submission Sites are used to engage your consumers. Basically, as per human nature, we get attracted to things with different colors and pictures. Only reading the text can be boring for anyone but with images, a person will be more interested and curious to read the subject.

Infographics for seo

Use of Infographics in Digital Marketing

Infographics play an important part in the Digital Marketing process as it lets you pass on the information that you want your consumer to know through engaging stuff.

While using Infographics for SEO we need to ensure certain points:

  • First of all, the subject has to be appealing and the information being provided should be very crisp and relevant as these days’ people don’t tend to read lengthy subjects.
  • One needs to be careful about the way they present their information. Seeing the headline alone the user will decide whether he or she would like to read further or not so we need to make sure that the headline is interesting enough, in a way something that will force the user to go through the entire content.
  • Not too much information should be provided at one go as the user might lose interest in it.
  • Before using Infographics, one should also make sure that not too many images are used and the background color should be such that the content is easy to read and understand.
  • It should be ensured that the images which are being used are relevant to the content.
  • More and more sharing buttons should be there on the information that you are providing as the user might share it with his friends and other contacts if need and that will help the marketing of your information.
  • All this will gradually lead to improved rankings, more backlinks, and more conversions. Overall an effective SEO strategy.

Benefits of Using Infographics for SEO

  • With text over the images, it helps a person summarize whatever you want them to know.
  • Is eye-catching and easy to understand.
  • Helps with the marketing of your product as more and more people will
  • It makes the subject interesting due to less use of theory and more of images
  • Is easily shareable, if its interesting people would love to share it with their friends and family
  • Great for your website ranking
  • Will help prove your worth in the market as the amount of information being put in the infographics will showcase your research and knowledge about the product.

Infographic Submission Sites

  1. Visual.ly
  2. Infographic Reviews
  3. Slideshare
  4. Infographics Showcase
  5. Flickr
  6. Reddit
  7. Infographaholic
  8. Daily Infographic
  9. Pinterest
  10. Mashable Infographics

These are the top Free Infographic Submission Sites.

So, if a website or a company needs more traffic they can update their post with some related Infographics for SEO boost of those pages, more sales, more conversions, a good ranking, social visibility then make it a mandate to concentrate more on the infographics rather than on the theory. INFOGRAPHICS the latest and the worthy medium to prove yourself.

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