Why Link Building is The Most Effective Strategy for SEO


Link Building In simple words means putting your links on other websites in order to get the referral traffic. In other words, when a person reaches your website by clicking on the link that has been put up on a different website is termed as link building.

One can put their website’s link on many different websites matching the category in order to generate more and more backlinks. More the number of backlinks a website has, more are the chances of a higher conversion rate and a higher ranking of the website on the SERP.

Types of Backlinks

However, there are different ways of generating the backlinks, some would do it the correct way i.e. by generating the natural links also termed as White Hat activities and some would opt for the wrong way like paid links also termed as the Black Hat Activities. Some websites will give an instant approved link but for some we might have to wait for a few weeks to a couple of months but results will definitely be fruitful. Reciprocal Links or the exchange links wherein the website that we post our links on will be pasting their link on our website is another form of black hat activity, something that should be avoided. Google considers the White Hat activities only for ranking purpose. The website that tries to get the ranking through illegal activities might get penalized by Google either by pushing the website further down or by deleting the website from the SERP.

Uses of Backlinks

Though natural link building is a tedious and time-consuming job but is considered viable for a long-term success or growth of a company whereas link building through black hat activities will always have short term success for a company.

An approved link that we get from a website with higher domain ranking will have more impact on our websites ranking as compared to the websites who have a lower domain authority.

A unique, relevant and high-quality content should be created in order to attract others towards your website. A company’s services, articles and blogs should be presented to the other companies or the people who have strong social media following. This will further generate the trust factor amongst the audience as your company’s profile or link is existing on a renowned person’s or companies websites. In all this the Keyword selection also plays an important part, so the keywords that are being used should be such which are relevant and popular. Then the keywords should be placed strategically in our content to make our site more informative and relatable. Next comes the Internal linking on your website wherein a keyword that you use on one of the page links to another page of the website. Amid all this one should remember to limit the use of internal links or unnecessary links on a website as that can hamper the ranking.


All this in turn will improve your rankings on the SERP, something that everyone is working for to exist in the market. So, to conclude the Link Building is the most important and effective tool and strategy for a website’s SEO.

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