The “Content and Links” are the two most crucial factors of Google which are considered vital for a website to rank in the organic search results page. Though many companies go for spammy links either by paying for it or through other means but having backlinks is still considered important. It is expected from all the SEO’s to assess their backlinks and check out the value it gives to their brand and Remove Spammy links by Google Disavow. After the implementation of the Google’s Penguin Update regarding link analysis in 2016, all the companies have become more vigilant about the links that they generate because if not taken care of they might be penalized by Google.

How to Remove Spammy links by Google’s Disavow Links tool

Google Disavow Link Tool

Google has come up with Disavow tools that help in evading penalties of any kind from Google in regards to the backlinks. The Disavow tools help identify the links that are considered spammy by the search engines. Just like any other tool this tool also requires an understanding of its complete usage along with the benefits and flaws. Though every website feels that they need this tool, but, Google has advised the websites to use this tool only if they are sure that they are being affected by the bad links and it is hampering their rankings.

Having quality backlinks is a must have for each and every website to rank on the SERP. As per the search engines if a website uploads any off-topic content or try buying links or generate spammy links it won’t be long when they will be pushed out of the SERP as a penalty to avoid Google penalties Remove Spammy links by Google Disavow. Websites should follow the Link Pruning method to analyze their backlinks and remove the ones that are not required and concentrate on generating quality backlinks.

Penguin Update

Many Websites have been affected by Google Penguin Update After 2012 which use the black hat SEO technique to acquire new backlinks and Link Building Strategies from Low-quality Website and Link Purchase

Google Penguin Penalty

With the Disavow Links tool, a website can easily highlight the links that it wants the search engines to ignore. It enhances the inbound link profile of a website. A low-quality backlink can be removed from the search engines attention using this tool. At any point of time when a search engine feels that a website is losing the rank because of a low-quality link, removing that link always helps to improve the rank. The benefits that a website accrues because of quality links the same benefits are accrued by removing the bad links.

Using this tool also helps in identifying negative SEO and to Remove Spammy links by Google Disavow. This tool can identify the artificial links that were never generated by the website on its own. It can also help poor quality links from damaging your website. Once you have gone through all the content and the spammy links but still feel that there could be some left that you are not sure about, that is where the disavow links tool helps as it will recognize all the leftover spammy links. Using this tool ensures that you follow the best SEO practices.

So, to put it all together you might need to use this tool if

(a) You receive a Google Link warning in the Search Console

(b) If you believe that you are a victim of negative SEO

(c) You doubt a Penguin algorithmic link penalty.