Google Analytics interview question and answers

We have selected a list of most asked to google analytics interview questions and answers by the recruiters of all time for better performance in Google Analytics Interview.


1. What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a web analytics tool offered by Google for analyzing and tracking website traffic and user behavior which will then help us to improve over the website to increase the revenue of the website.


2. What is a Session?

A session has started when a user visits a webpage with a tracking code, the session time out itself after 30 minutes of inactivity.

New Session will start if you change the source from organic, direct and paid results and by visiting the same website by different websites.


3. What are the segments in Analytics?

The segment is a small part of the data from the overall report, for example, creating segments such as paid and organic results.


4. What is benchmarking?

Benchmarking will help us to compare our data with the data driven from the market research and different companies.


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5. What is Bounce Rate and what is an optimal bounce rate?

It is the percentage of user who leaves without visiting any other page of the website is termed as bounce rate

26 to 40 percent Excellent

41 to 55 percent roughly average

56 to 70 percent higher than average

70 to 100 Bad


6. What is Funnel in Goals?

The funnel is the series of pages visited by the user to reach at the destination to complete the specified goal.

For Example Funnel for domain purchase website is

Search your Domain -> add to cart -> fill billing information -> make payment -> Thank you page.


7. What is meant by Cohort Reports?

cohort is a user group who share a common characteristic Analytics dimension is used to identify in this report.


8. What Is Use Of Acquisition Reports?


Acquisition report is for analyzing the source of our traffic to the website form Social, Paid and Organic campaign’s.


9. What is Real-time data in Analytics?

Real-time data provide us the information about how many users from different locations are accessing our website at the present moment of time.


10. What is Exit rate in Analytics?

Exit rate is the percentage of the user last in the session. It helps us to understand user behavior optimize our page for users who left the site from a particular page.


11. What is meant by Average Load Time?

Average load time is the amount of time required by the website to load in the browser.

40 % of user will exit the page if it requires 3 or more seconds to load. So the ideal load time is below 3s.


12. What are cookies in analytics?

Cookies are the small piece of data that transfer from website to the client computer web browser for retargeting purpose in paid campaigns.


13. Different types of product linking in Google Analytics?


  1. Adwords linking
  2. BigQuery
  3. DoubleClick Bid Manager (DBM)
  4. Ad exchange linking.
  5. DoubleClick Campaign Manager
  6. Ad sense linking
  7. Google Play
  8. DoubleClick Search
  9. Postbacks
  10. Search Console


14. What are the UTM parameters?

UTM Stands for Urchin Tracking Module are five variants of URL parameters which are used by the marketer to track website traffic from different sources such as Organic, Paid and referral traffic.


15. What is mean by Users in Analytics?

Visitors who visited the site at least one time are called user.


16. What is RPC in Google Analytics?

RPC stands for revenue per click. Mainly used for E-commerce tracking which helps in finding out revenue generated by the per click of the users.


17. What is event tracking in Google Analytics?

Event tracking is used to track a specific occasion or an action of the website such as video views, document downloads etc.


18. What is Cohort Size?

Cohort determines the time frame that is used to determine the size of each cohort.


19. Role of KPI in Google Analytics?


KPI Stands for Key Performance Indicator. It helps in tracking the important part of a business. Like clicks, session, bounce rate and returning users. Example of KPI:  Sessions, Users, Bounce Rate, Conversion rate, AVG Time etc.


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20. What is the page view?

Page view referred to as views on the page. A page view is counted every time a person views the website hits a back button or refresh the page.


21. Auto-tagging is used in which type of traffic?

Auto-tagging is the tags that only Google Analytics can read. Auto-tagging is an advanced feature that you need to turn on before you import conversion data into google ads from google analytics.


22. What is the Flat Table?

Flat table report is used to view the data without drilling down. Flat table reports are often used for exporting data in spreadsheets like Excel for analysis.


23. What is the UA tracking code?

UA stands for universal analytics. This code is found in the admin section of web property.


24. List different elements of Event Tracking in Google Analytics?        

  Three Elements of Event Tracking

  1. Categories
  2. Labels
  3. Actions


25. What is CTR?

CTR Stands for Click Through Rate.

Calculated by Total no. of click divided by Total no. of impression multiplied by 100.


26. What is Demographics in Google Analytics?

Demographic shows the age group of the user visiting your website.


27. What is the formula of ROI?

ROI Stands for Return on Investment

ROI = Overall Profit / Total Investment * 100


28. What is Map overlay?

Google Analytics captures the visitors IP Address which is then used to locate geo IP location.

 The map overlay report is found under the visitor tab.


29. What is A/B Testing?

A/B testing is essentially an experiment between two variant of a page show to the user at random to understand the user behavior on that two pages and continue showing the best performing page to the users.


30. What is behavior in Google Analytics?

It helps us to track the behavior of the user and help you to improve your User experience for better conversions.


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