What are the Benefits of Facebook Marketing Strategy for Your Business

Facebook stands out to be the best medium of social marketing for a business. More and more people are becoming a part of Facebook to get themselves connected to their loved ones. Though Facebook Marketing Strategy one can generate more lead which helps them to connect each and every family member and friends eventually it turned out to be an effective medium for marketing businesses and promoting brands.

Importance of Facebook Marketing Strategy 

Facebook Marketing Strategy

Facebook Marketing Strategy of bringing the world closer is an advantage for the business owners too as they can reach more and more people through Facebook and showcase their products, increase their clientele and earn more profits. It is easier to make loyal customers with Facebook Marketing.

With the growing number of Facebook users, the marketing of business will also keep on growing. Facebook also gives the option of translation of pages in 101 different languages which means marketing of a product not just to a limited audience but to a vast audience.

Since mobile usage has increased in the past few years so has the number of people using Facebook over their phone. As of 1st Jan 17, there are 1.74 billion active mobile users which mean people using Facebook on the go and viewing all news feed and products marketing without having any time issues.

Increase your Reach

As per Facebook’s stats of Jun’18, there are 1.47 billion daily active users and over 2 billion monthly users on Facebook. So, with the number mentioned just imagine the kind of business promotion one can get and the number of people one can reach through Facebook.

People usually spend 20 minutes on average every time they visit Facebook so one should advertise their products with relevant content that would impress and attract their customers the most. Apart from time spent on Facebook people visit Facebook 8 times a day on an average which means that the product marketing can be scheduled at the peak times when a maximum number of people will be hooked to Facebook increasing the chances of your product being viewed and shared further.

400 new users sign up with Facebook every minute, so think about the expansion that your business can have with Facebook marketing.

As compared to 75% of men 83% of women use Facebook, who if get impressed by your product and marketing strategy can boost your sales more as they hold a decision-making power in the family. Relevant content will lead to more sharing of the product and more sharing means more customers adding to the list of buyers.

Age is another factor that plays an important part in the marketing strategy. Facebook has a maximum of its users in the age group of 18-29 i.e. almost 88% and this age group being the most tech-savvy is more inclined towards online shopping and suggest other family members for the same. Next comes 84% of Facebook users between the age group of 30-49 who being working professionals and busy with their daily routine would again prefer doing shopping online itself rather than going to the markets or malls.

Some Great Stats

Facebook Marketing Strategy

32% of Facebook users regularly get engaged with different brands.

Not just text or image marketing you can also go for video marketing on Facebook which is gaining momentum lately. Video marketing on Facebook has a better ROI (returns on investment) than any other medium because of the number of active daily users.

More than 50 million businesses are registered on Facebook and are availing its benefits. So, don’t be left behind your competitors, take advantage of the Facebook marketing opportunity and increase your customers and profits.

Budget Friendliness:

Facebook has ease of creating business pages without any cost for small business owners who cannot afford to have a website. Small business owners can easily upload their content on their business pages for the audience.

Apart from that Facebook lets you create ads at a very low amount. Facebook ads also let you choose the demographic and age attributes for targeting the right audience. Facebook displays the ads to the audience that would actually respond to it. It also allows users to decide a daily amount limit of their ad. A user can easily increase or reduce their daily limit of the amount after seeing the ads performance.

Facebook also has analytics wherein you can see how your ad is performing, how many people have seen your ad, how many times the ad was shown, how many clicked on it.

Target the Right Audience:

Facebook allows a user to target the potential customers through its demographics, age and interests features e.g. if you want your ad to be displayed to people between the age group of 18-20 who have interests in the services that you provide and the areas that you think are right to market, Facebook will display your ad to those set of people only.

Grow your Web Traffic:

You can make use of Facebook marketing strategy to attract the audience to your website. Once the customers reach your website they can easily go through the entire website and check out all the services being offered. People who like your page would also start getting any update that you make on your business page.

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