Through with your Boards? What after 12th?

Best Career Options After 12th is one such question that haunts everyone now and then. Each and every student goes through the same phase post their schooling gets over! For students choosing from a list of career options after 12th is a tough and confusing situation. Students who choose Science in 11th, they already have planned for their future but what about students who have opted for arts and commerce.

Don’t worry about the courses after 12th are many for you also, even if you took arts or commerce as your main subjects. The career options after 12th are abundant. There are many professional courses after 12th that a student can join and use those skills for their future job.

Once the schooling is over everyone starts their graduation be it from regular or correspondence. For some going to a regular college is the must. But for some its time wastage so they prefer doing graduation from correspondence and utilize those 3 years graduation time for learning and gaining new skills and such students start to earn at a very early age. There are many professional and short-term courses after 12th that a student can join and avail its benefits throughout life. Many students who graduate from regular college, even they join some of the other short-term courses for learning new things.

                                                          Digitalization-The Future of India 

The government of India has launched the Digital India Campaign to ensure that all Government services are made available to all the citizens electronically by improved online infrastructure by increasing the internet connectivity which would make our Country digitally empowered in the field of technology.

There are many short-term courses available in the market and your career is sorted when you choose a course that will be useful in not only getting you a job but for the lifetime as well. The best courses after 12th commerce or arts could be many but the most trending at the moment is the Digital Marketing Course which is also considered to be the “Future of India”.  This is the best course after 12th that a student should opt for without any doubts.

Smartphone & Internet Users

Smartphone & Internet Users

Smartphone & Internet Users

With more than 3 billion smartphone users and 3.7 billion internet users this is the only field where the scope of opportunities is endless

 Employment Opportunities

Career in Digital Marketing

This is one such field that aims at generating 20 lakh jobs by the year 2020 after creating 8 lakh jobs in the year 2018 itself.

Digital Marketing has no restriction on any specific educational background. Any stream that you chose in your school or college, you can still learn Digital Marketing. This is one such course that does not involve any technicality, so, learning it becomes all the easier. Only the basic knowledge of computer is required along with your love of being online.

Do you why Digital Marketing is the Best Career Options After 12th has been growing and progressing with every passing year? It’s use and benefits both are unstoppable and can’t be ignored.

All Companies and business owners whether big or small have started making use of the digital platforms for marketing their brands, products, and services. Digital Marketing has been appreciated by each and everyone in the market. Its benefits are beyond imagination. Companies and business owners never had the same results while using traditional marketing methods like putting up hoardings, tv ads, newspaper ads etc.

Traditional Marketing methods are proving to be expensive when compared with Digital Marketing methods.

So, the scope is huge and unlimited in the field of Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing is not limited to a single course or module. There are many course options available in Internet Marketing. You could either master a single module or learn all the modules and be an ace Digital Marketer.

Digital Marketing

Reason Behind why expert prefers Digital Marketing as the Best Career Options After 12th is that in Digital Marketing you get to learn about various methods that can be adopted for marketing of a Company or a brand, its products, and services over numerous Digital Platforms. Some major things that you will learn are:

SEO: which stands for Search Engine optimization wherein you learn about how to get a website ranked on the search engine result page of any search engine. There are many steps that are involved in getting rank for a website and maintain that rank over the search engines.

SMM: stands for Social Media Marketing wherein a student learns to market professionally over numerous social media platforms. Marketing over social platforms makes a brand visible and helps in increasing the audience and sales.

Content Writing: Content is the base of any website or any advertisement. So, you will learn the important points that should be kept in mind before you write anything.

Analytics: another name for this is Google Analytics wherein you will learn to analyze all the data related to a website as in, how many visitors visited the website, their gender, their age, their location, how much time did they spend on the website and many other things.

AdWords: or Google AdWords wherein you will learn to advertise your brand and its products and services over Google through various forms. You will also learn to analyze how all your ads are performing and which ad you should continue with and which ad should be stopped.

Freelancing: For students who are looking for Best Career Options After 12th may like to work from home as a freelancer is a perfect option. A student will be taught about the techniques that need to be adopted for grabbing a project online and also the steps involved in completing the project. There are many websites like,, etc. that provide Freelancing work

There are many other modules which hold key prominence in Digital Marketing and those modules are part of the Digital Marketing courses.

These days many institutes have started coming up with courses that have been designed as per the requirements of students and the course fee has also been designed as per the amount of knowledge that a student will gain from different courses.

There is only one Institute that has started with a Paid Internship Plan wherein students can benefit by earning some amount of their fees back while they are still learning to practice their modules.

The most famous courses you can choose as your Best Career Options After 12th are:

Professional Course: A course that will teach you the basics of Digital Marketing. How it has evolved over the years, its present and future benefits. You will also learn 16 important modules of Digital Marketing which will easily get you a job as a fresher anywhere at the high package that’s why Digital marketing is one of the Best Career Options After 12th. This course is best for students who have completed their Post-Graduation or MBA and just needs to know the basics before they start working. This course is also beneficial for business owners who have hired marketing agencies for their business as they will have the basic knowledge about what is being done for their business by the marketing firm. The ones who are planning to start their business soon, even they can benefit from this course as they will learn the basics of advertising their business over social media platforms. The duration for this course is 3 months and it includes 1 month Paid Internship too. So, a student not just learns but gets paid to learn.

Comprehensive Course: A course that will take you ahead of the basic level and will teach you not just 16 but 32 modules in detail. This one is considered best for students who after completing their Post-Graduation or MBA can afford to spare up to 6 months for a Professional Course that can easily get them a hike in their salary. So, before they head out for job hunting they would have already earned some amount for learning the modules. The business owners and the ones planning for a start-up can avail the benefits of this course as after completing this course they can themselves do the marketing of their business rather than hiring any marketing firm for it. This course will provide 2 months of Paid Internship for all the students.

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Advanced Course: This one is good for all the students who are looking for Best Career Options After 12th or graduation and are looking for a Professional Course post which they will not be required to take any kind of degree or diploma and can start working. This course will also take care of improving a student’s command over their language, their personality development, communication skills apart from the 48 important modules that they will learn in detail. The duration of this course is 9 months and it includes 4 months of Paid Internship. So, a student would have already started earning their salary before they join any company.

Proficient Course: This is the Best Career Options After 12th or graduation. The duration of this course is 12 months and it is more like a diploma course that students look for. Usually, students opt for courses which would help them get a job easily post its completion. And this Digital Marketing Course is just the one which all students search for. You will get to learn 60 most crucial modules of Digital Marketing that will transform a student into a Professional digital Marketer. Post the completion of this course a student can join in as a Senior Digital Marketer or a Digital Marketing Manager itself in a Company because he/she would have thoroughly practiced Digital Marketing and it’s 60 modules for 6 months. A student will be paid to learn all those 60 modules practically under the Paid Internship Plan.

There’s an Industry Recognized Certificate that will be given to all the students, whichever course they opt for. Apart from the courses mentioned above, there are customized courses also available in case a student wants detailed knowledge of a particular module only.

Why Digital Marketing is Best Career Options After 12th

Once your course is complete you will have an option of working in different fields as per your choice. You could be:

A SEO Executive/ Specialist/ Manager

A SMM Executive/ Specialist/ Manager

A Content Writer

An AdWords Executive/ Specialist/ Manager

An Analytics Executive/ Specialist/ Manager

A Blogger

A Freelancer

A Digital Marketer

It’s time, to sum up, all the benefits mentioned above in regards to Digital Marketing and why it is considered as the best of all the professions. Digital Marketing is the best of all the professions because:

Reason Behind why digital marketing is Best Career Options After 12th is it has already created more than 8 lakh jobs in 2018 and it is expected to create 26 lakh jobs by 2022.

A field where you are trained by the Industry Experts themselves.

There is no scope of the recession in this field.

This is the most progressive Industry.

A field wherein you learn something new every single day.

A field wherein you have a choice of working in different areas

A field which provides the safest option of Freelancing also.